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The history of Eaton Golf Club can be traced back to a public meeting held in February 1910. The purpose of this meeting was to invite people interested in starting a golf course in the area. A committee was elected to “procure a suitable course and to discuss other details”.

The land on which the Golf Club stands can be traced back to the Bronze Age 1900 to 1000 BC.

Please see the link below if you would like to read more and learn about the devastating 1921 fire which totally destroyed the Clubhouse and then, the 13 years spent by a dedicated group of members securing the future of Eaton Golf Club when there was a threat that the land might be sold by Gurney Trustees for development.

We are highly indebted to both John Brister and Nigel Simpson who did an enormous amount of research into this amazing story for their books listed below.

Eaton Golf Club – the first 85 years by John Brister – written in 1996
Eaton Golf Club – 1910-2010 by Nigel Simpson – written for our Centenary celebrations

The History of Eaton Golf Club