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The Club Midweek Swindles

These are open to all members of Eaton Golf Club (EGC) regardless of age or Handicap.  There is no joining fee or annual cost.

The Club Midweek Swindles take place most weeks throughout the year, generally on both a Monday and a Thursday.  Registration is in the Bar from between 9:00 a.m.09:30 a.m.  It costs just £1.00 (in cash) to enter, which funds the Prize Pot… with surplus proceeds donated to the Club Captain’s Charity.

Most weeks – but not on Bank Holidays – there are 9 Tee Times allocated on a Monday and 7 on a Thursday — thereby allowing up to 36 & 28 entrants respectively from 09:48 a.m.  Generally, the format is Individual Stableford — going out (largely) in four balls — off full Course Handicap, with a cash pay-out to 1st, 2nd & (sometimes) 3rd places.

There is, however, a ‘Swindle Handicap Adjustment’ for those who win &/or score 37 points or more.  Swindle Handicap Adjustments are cumulative, but only last for up to three months maximum… as Swindle Handicap Adjustments are all rebased to zero four times a year on 1st January, 1st April, 1st July & 1st October.

The four-ball format allows a friendly ‘combined Stableford’ Pairs competition within each four ball for who buys the Teas… always fiercely fought over!

During the three Winter months, the aim is to play a ‘Fun’ event once a month… such as ‘Three Clubs & a Putter’ or a Team Event (best 2 out of 4).  Throughout each of the remaining 9 months, there is an Individual Stableford Trophy Competition… these are ‘Qualifying’ events not only for the purpose of updating WHS Handicap Index, but also for eligibility to enter the Club ‘Major’ Trophy Competitions.

To keep you updated as to what is happening, if you would like your name to be added to the Club Midweek Swindle e-Mail Circulation List, please simply send your full name (e.g. Dave Smith) and your e-Mail address to [email protected]

To join in… just report to the ‘Sign In’ Table in the Bar and present to the Swindle Administrator: (a) your full name (e.g. Dave Smith); (b) your then current WHS Handicap Index (e.g. 11.3); & (c) your £1.00 coin.  You will be warmly welcomed and allocated a Tee Time and Playing partners.

For new members to the Club, this is, of course, an especially great way to get to know and play with a lot of different Members very quickly.

Swindle Documents

Each of the following pdf documents can be viewed &/or downloaded from the Folder labelled ‘The Club Midweek Swindles’, which you can find in the Members’ Area of this Website.

Helpful Information for Members; the Swindle Scorecard; an example Swindle Control Sheet; the EGC Slope Rating Conversion Table; the Swindle Calendar for the year ahead; Swindle attendance & Handicap Adjustment Records; Swindle Trophy Competition Rules; the Swindle Administrator’s Guidance Notes & Aide Memoire; & Swindle Newsletters.